The Top 8 Free Screen and Video Capture Tools that Save Time and Money

There are many screen recording tools available. Video editing capabilities and recording length vary, as do their sharing options and other features. Take a look at these free screen records to find one that best meets your visual communication needs.

Top tools at a glance:
Powtoon CaptureLoomVidyardVimeo RecordJumpshareWistia SoapboxScreencastifyScreencast-O-Matic

1. Powtoon Capture

Powtoon Capture offers a simple interface with screen recording at the click of a button. Record your screen, your camera, or both! And, unlike other video messaging tools that limit free functionalities, Powtoon Capture gives your team the freedom and flexibility to go beyond basic screen recording. Free features include:

    • 70 minutes of record time
    • Changeable video frames
    • Multiple sharing options
    • Post-editing capabilities – enhance your recording with text overlays, custom fonts, animations, CTAs, and royalty-free assets that match your brand.

    Viewers can interact with and comment on videos with a Facebook Comments plugin, meaning they don’t need to create a special account to participate. Powtoon Capture also allows you to present in real-time so you can better engage your audience on Zoom, Google Hangouts, Teams, or any video chat that you’re using.

    2. Loom

    Loom is a multi-creator video tool that allows teams to collaborate on projects and share them using Loom’s workspace platform. Viewers can react to the video using emojis, ask questions of the presenter, or make comments. Create a personal, shared, or team project library to organize content and turn your video thumbnail into a gif when you share the link. Loom’s feature-restricted free version allows for unlimited creator accounts but limits videos to five minutes in length.

    3. Vidyard

    Vidyard’s free version gives users the ability to create an unlimited number of one-hour videos. The catch? You’re capped at five embeds, so if you’re making videos to include on your landing page or in your blog posts you’ll have to be selective. Vidyard allows you to edit your video after recording, integrates with social media platforms, and includes some insights to help you learn more about who’s viewing your videos and how long they’ve watched.

    4. Vimeo Record

    Vimeo Record is the screen recorder offered by video-hosting powerhouse Vimeo. Technically you get unlimited recordings (up to two hours in length), but as a free user you are limited by their data caps - currently 500MB per week for uploads, and 5GB of total account storage. Vimeo Record is a single-user platform so you can’t invite other users to work on your projects or manage your account. However, a major benefit of Vimeo Record is that, since it’s part of the Vimeo platform, you can upload other videos and keep all your video content organized in one place for ease of access.

    5. Jumpshare

    Jumpshare lives in the system tray for easy access; use it to instantly record and share videos using a custom link. Users are allowed unlimited screenshots and up to 30 seconds of screen recording. Capture your screen or your webcam for a quick, free, and basic way to share your video message!

    6. Wistia Soapbox

    Add the Wistia Soapbox Chrome extension and you’ve got everything you need to make a simple screen-capture video. Soapbox automatically captures both your screen and your webcam but during the editing process, you can toggle between screen-only, camera-only, or a split-screen.

    7. Screencastify

    Create and edit videos with no software required! The Screencastify Chrome extension and browser-based editing tool allow you to quickly and easily create videos up to five minutes in length - with no watermark! Use the annotation tool, add text in the editor, zoom in on parts of your screen, export the mp4, and autosave your content to Google Drive for convenient access.

    8. Screencast-O-Matic

    Screencast-O-Matic allows you to make screen recordings of up to 15 minutes. Use the editing tool to trim the beginning or end of your recording, add one of 30 music tracks for added effect, and save your final video to your device. You can also capture screenshots, publish directly to YouTube, or quickly share your video links to Facebook or Twitter.